Friday, 23 March 2012


I have been pretty slack with this blogging situation and have not really got into the habit yet of blogging every single day, i always forget to. so thats a bit awkward. anyway last week i think we have mad a huge progress. we got a wake up call from Wintec because our target audience was to wide so we sorted that out this week and have got everything well on the way, theres still ALOT to be be done but we will take it day by day to unpack everything and get it all done. BOOMTOWN

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Yesterday i let my nerves get to me and my presentation wasn't that good so thats a bit dissapointing, but owel we learn from our mistakes. today and for the rest of the week is writing writing writing! we have to have our article written and finalized by friday at 2 o'clock! so my focus today is to translate my audio from my interview of Grahame and put it into words so i can start writing my article asap!(: that is all.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

End of day 12.3.12;

I was right, spent all day on the computer. I have not finished my power point yet (i'm close) but i will finish it for homework so i'm ready to do my presentation first period tomorrow. Should be interesting! (:


Another start to another very busy week. Today i dont think i will be leaving the computer. I have picked my 3 finals from my art making assignment and and very pleased how they have turned out.Now i have to put my notes on the photos all together to form a speech/presentation and be ready to present it tomorrow morning. Pressures on! Hopefully my nerves wont get to me too much! haha. The thing i love about this is that its not really a speech its just a presentation about something we are passionate about and love doing so i think ill be sweet (: So thats my focus today-preparing a powerpoint and getting everything ready for tomorrow morning (:

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Boom one interview done, and wow it was cool (: i don't know why i was so nervous. My artist was so lovely and i learnt heaps! i'm so stoked i have done it, it finally feels like i'm actually getting somewhere now! i'm very happy with my progress (: ahhh!  and thank you jessie lee for telling me i need to spell properly. you're welcome (love Jessie-Lee) aaaaannndddd my niece,sister and brother are now on there way to do my photo shoot. the day just gets better and better! (:

to do today(7.03.12);

-ace my interview! ahhh im so nervous! i hope all goes smoothly hahah
that is my priority until when i finish talking to my artist. starts at 10.30!!!
-after im going to focus on my art making and do atleast one photoshoot today, i have my models all sorted and a idea so i hope it all works out to how i want it otherwise ill be a very unhappy person at the end of it.

Monday, 5 March 2012


I have sorted all my questions and they are now all ready for tomorrow morning! Im nervous but excited at the same time. i hope all goes well :) cross fingers. i have got my art making assignment all planned and hoping to do a photo shoot after school (: that is all.